Repair and Repurpose

Repair and Repurpose:

Is considered for items that require moderate applications such as cutting, staining, varnishing, attachment, mending, and hardware.
Upgrade – is beneficial when particular components in a framed structure will need improvements to extend its integrity for years to come. This may include all or some of the following categories; glass, matting, backing or hardware.
RE-purpose – times change and so do intentions on how an art piece or artifact is presented.
Most display frames can be modified or combined with other additions to reveal a whole new look.
Cleaning – years of display or storage can compromise your most cherished items to surrounding environmental conditions. This can be resolved by regenerating these items to their original state.



A term synonymous with reliability of materials that are intended to protect. This reference has earned a reputation within the cultural heritage trade. 


As a total combination when applied with integrity are able to withstand less then favourable conditions that are sustainable through time.
Identifying key points – Quality Materials, Preservation Planning & Practices, Environmental Awareness.
Storage – is a choice when protecting items of importance whether it’s art, documents, or artifacts because at some point the need for further research and legacy fulfillment can be critical. These conservation containment materials span from specialty boxes to paper, tissue & monitoring devices that assist in this practice.



Is a combination of one or more processes necessary to rehabilitate an item from prolonged deterioration.
Some of these applications include, staining, cleaning, gilding, surfacing, mounting, cutting, deacidification, stretching, varnishing sewing, retouching and casting.
Assessments – when multiple processes are beneficial to the restoration of an item (s), these details are documented in order to clarify the work stages required so budget approval is established.
Prep Work – generally this procedure is essential when dismantling or removing deteriorated materials. Safe and strategic handling practices become priorities so that original elements not be compromised.

Picture Framing


Within this vast array of frame styles, matting, and colour palette they help to establish the ideal complement to the item that you wish to showcase.
Purposeful Clarity – We encourage informative conversations when it comes to deciding on best case scenarios, material selection and categories, structural capabilities and long-term sustainability.
We hope that by demystifying any concerns that you may have on your next project will render a positive outcome.
Name identifiers, inscriptions, plaques, title plates - are all integral to significant display pieces.
They provide information about the visual item i.e., why not attach a meaningful message that honors the recipient? Common among these include subject name, location, and date.
Decorative Features – such as embossments, gilding, shading, stripping, and many more techniques can elevate the uniqueness of the presentation.
Backing – Is not totally immune to contributing to the total framing package. The ability in providing additional content is maximized. Including dedications, letters, artifacts, reverse views, etc.

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