Repair and Repurpose

Repair and Repurpose:

When full restoration services aren’t needed, we might suggest repair and repurpose services that involves moderate applications such as cutting, staining, varnishing, attachment, mending, and hardware. These services may be appropriate for artwork, wooden artifacts, books, or other decorative items. We may also be able to help mend paper, collage, clay, or plaster features.
Our repair and repurpose services:
repair and repurpose
Repair – When the structural components of a frame, artwork, wooden artifact or other artistic item needs repair or improvement, our services can extend the integrity of your piece for years to come; addressing some or all components such as glass, matting, backing or hardware.
picture frame repair
Cleaning– Years of display or adverse storage can compromise your most cherished items, making them vulnerable to surrounding environmental conditions. Careful cleaning can regenerate them to their original state.
family heirloom
Re-purposing or updating – Times change and so do preferences, the way in which you display an art piece, artifacts, or other decor items. Most display frames can be modified or combined with other additions to reveal a whole new look. We are experienced at helping clients achieve their presentation outcomes.

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Conservation and Storage Planning

The process of conservation is a term synonymous with choosing materials for their reliability and with the intension to protect. This reference has earned a high standard within the cultural heritage platform.
To help you achieve your goals from start to finish, we recognize the following key components in order:
  • Quality materials
  • Preservation planning and practices
  • Environmental awareness
  • Recordkeeping


PreservationHouse Toronto CONSERVATION BOARD SIDE
If you are planning to protect your personal collections, family heirlooms or pictures and documents, we can offer advice on storage and display solutions to meet your objectives.
Some of the important items that we can help you with:
  • collectables, sports memorabilia
  • small artifacts, household utensils, button collection, etc.
  • paper based items, maps, postcards, stamps, letters, diary, books, certificates
picture framing supplies
We are here to provide you with Conservation Services:
  • framing and storage concepts
  • recommending and supplying high standard materials
  • planning and advice for your personal projects
Whether you’re a family custodian looking for advice on the safekeeping of several items, or someone with a small file of documents that requires special attention for long-term storage, we can help with this critical decision. We can provide both storage planning advice and appropriate containment materials, from specialty boxes to paper, tissue and monitoring devices that protect the item.
When it comes to display, there is more to just simply hanging a framed piece on the wall. We’re mindful of the adverse placement and help you correct it by simply putting into practice conservation strategies.

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This service can help with:
  • Cleaning built-up dust, and dirt
  • Restoring paint, varnish or other finishes
  • Repairing or re-lining damaged canvases, detached structures and deteriorated frames
About Our Restoration Services and Next Steps in Working  With Us...
Depending on your objectives and the condition of your piece, we may recommend any number of processes: staining, cleaning, gilding, surfacing, mounting, cutting, deacidification, stretching, varnishing, retouching and casting.
Whatever level of restoration you need, we are equipped to carefully restore your artwork, while keeping your budget in mind.
Here is how we’d approach your project:
restoration process
Assessment - First we’d assess your item and ask you questions to determine what you’d like to achieve with the restoration
Recommendations and Establishing your Budget – Based on our assessment conversation, we’d make recommendations on which process or processes to use to meet your objectives and budget.
clean artwork, clean painting
Decision and Budget Estimate - When you decide on the restoration approach you want, we’d determine the work stages required and then prepare a written budget estimate and timeline, for your approval. When you approve, we begin the work.
Prep Work – This is the essential step that involves carefully dismantling deteriorated materials. The safe and strategic handling of your piece is our priority, so the original elements of your artwork is not damaged or compromised.
If full restoration services are not required, we might instead suggest repair and repurpose services
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Picture Framing

Picture Framing:

We strive to serve a diverse clientele. Among these are family custodians, researchers, art enthusiast and entrepreneurs.  They have one thing in common, to seek personal service with positive results which happens to be in line with our mandate.
We have a selection of picture frame styles, enhancements, glass options, and overlay matting in a multitude of colour palettes to choose from. In addition, offerings are both simple and elevated to compliment the item you wish to display.
For larger pieces, we’ll advise you on material options, structural capabilities and methods required to overcome specific installation challenges.
Want to know how you can utilize your existing frames?
Let’s discuss the benefits of
repair and repurpose, or restoration services
When we discuss your project, we’ll encourage a purposeful, informative conversation to help us understand what you’re looking to achieve. Our role is to help you choose the ideal compliment for the piece you wish to showcase, considering both structural integrity and long-term sustainability.
PreservationHouse Toronto Fra.RolledPosters Side
Ideas to make your framed art more meaningful
If the framing intension is to spotlight a piece that’s particularly meaningful to you, ask us about the following options for your framing project.
PerservationHouse Toronto Fra.In Memory Plaque Side
Name Identifiers, Plaques, Title Plates – These types of identifiers are often used for significant display pieces. They often provide information about the item, such as the subject name, location and date. Some include a meaningful message honouring the recipient.
Enhancement Features – These include embossments, gilding, shading, and more techniques that can elevate the uniqueness of the presentation.
PreservationHouse Toronto FRAMING BACKING Side
Custom Backing – When considering a specific framing project, you may want to include custom backing to accommodate content in the back of the piece.