Conservation and Storage Planning

The process of conservation is a term synonymous with choosing materials for their reliability and with the intension to protect. This reference has earned a high standard within the cultural heritage platform.
To help you achieve your goals from start to finish, we recognize the following key components in order:
  • Quality materials
  • Preservation planning and practices
  • Environmental awareness
  • Recordkeeping


PreservationHouse Toronto CONSERVATION BOARD SIDE
If you are planning to protect your personal collections, family heirlooms or pictures and documents, we can offer advice on storage and display solutions to meet your objectives.
Some of the important items that we can help you with:
  • collectables, sports memorabilia
  • small artifacts, household utensils, button collection, etc.
  • paper based items, maps, postcards, stamps, letters, diary, books, certificates
picture framing supplies
We are here to provide you with Conservation Services:
  • framing and storage concepts
  • recommending and supplying high standard materials
  • planning and advice for your personal projects
Whether you’re a family custodian looking for advice on the safekeeping of several items, or someone with a small file of documents that requires special attention for long-term storage, we can help with this critical decision. We can provide both storage planning advice and appropriate containment materials, from specialty boxes to paper, tissue and monitoring devices that protect the item.
When it comes to display, there is more to just simply hanging a framed piece on the wall. We’re mindful of the adverse placement and help you correct it by simply putting into practice conservation strategies.

Contact us to discuss your storage planning project.

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