Repair and Repurpose

Repair and Repurpose:

When full restoration services aren’t needed, we might suggest repair and repurpose services that involves moderate applications such as cutting, staining, varnishing, attachment, mending, and hardware. These services may be appropriate for artwork, wooden artifacts, books, or other decorative items. We may also be able to help mend paper, collage, clay, or plaster features.
Our repair and repurpose services:
repair and repurpose
Repair – When the structural components of a frame, artwork, wooden artifact or other artistic item needs repair or improvement, our services can extend the integrity of your piece for years to come; addressing some or all components such as glass, matting, backing or hardware.
picture frame repair
Cleaning– Years of display or adverse storage can compromise your most cherished items, making them vulnerable to surrounding environmental conditions. Careful cleaning can regenerate them to their original state.
family heirloom
Re-purposing or updating – Times change and so do preferences, the way in which you display an art piece, artifacts, or other decor items. Most display frames can be modified or combined with other additions to reveal a whole new look. We are experienced at helping clients achieve their presentation outcomes.

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