This service can help with:
  • Cleaning built-up dust, and dirt
  • Restoring paint, varnish or other finishes
  • Repairing or re-lining damaged canvases, detached structures and deteriorated frames
About Our Restoration Services and Next Steps in Working  With Us...
Depending on your objectives and the condition of your piece, we may recommend any number of processes: staining, cleaning, gilding, surfacing, mounting, cutting, deacidification, stretching, varnishing, retouching and casting.
Whatever level of restoration you need, we are equipped to carefully restore your artwork, while keeping your budget in mind.
Here is how we’d approach your project:
restoration process
Assessment - First we’d assess your item and ask you questions to determine what you’d like to achieve with the restoration
Recommendations and Establishing your Budget – Based on our assessment conversation, we’d make recommendations on which process or processes to use to meet your objectives and budget.
clean artwork, clean painting
Decision and Budget Estimate - When you decide on the restoration approach you want, we’d determine the work stages required and then prepare a written budget estimate and timeline, for your approval. When you approve, we begin the work.
Prep Work – This is the essential step that involves carefully dismantling deteriorated materials. The safe and strategic handling of your piece is our priority, so the original elements of your artwork is not damaged or compromised.
If full restoration services are not required, we might instead suggest repair and repurpose services
Contact us to discuss your restoration project.
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